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The NoMad Residences, a unique combination of sophisticated design and dynamic energy, proudly presents its inaugural location in the lively neighborhood of Wynwood, Miami.

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The value with purchasing pre-construction properties are endless. The benefits range from the appreciation over time, to purchasing with a no interest loan.

Best interest rates on the market

The interest rate is 0%! With pre-construction, you are able to buy a property and pay it off over time. You pay a percentage of the total cost price across various phases in the properties development. This allows you to essentially purchase a pre-development property with a no interest loan!

Prevent unstable prices

When you place your deposit to buy a pre-construction apartment, you also reserve the properties price. So even though the price of other apartments in the building will begin to increase as the development advances, you will only have to pay the price that you were able to reserve.

Price appreciation

Pre-construction properties are often priced lower than similar properties that have already been built, and they can appreciate in value as the construction progresses and the completion date approaches.

Tax benefits

In some cases, pre-construction buyers may be eligible for tax benefits, such as the ability to write off interest payments if you decide to take out a mortgage during the construction period.

Improved loan options

By buying a pre-construction property, you may be able to secure better loan terms and interest rates than you would with an existing property, as lenders see pre-construction properties as lower risk.

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(917) 318-1328


(917) 318-1328